Daily Regimen


Step 1: Cleanse skin with RE:FRESH Daily Cleansing Cream (COMING SOON!). Massage a small amount over face and neck, rinse clean.


Step 2: Protect skin from environmental toxins with RE:WIND Antioxidant Serum. Apply 4-5 drops to face and neck after cleansing.


Step 3: Wake up with RE:AWAKEN Eye Cream (COMING SOON!). Gently pat a small amount under eye and along brow using ring finger.


Step 4: Hydrate face with RE:DEW Anti-Aging Moisturizer. Apply a dime size amount to face and neck.


Step 5: Hydrate body with CANNABLISS Body Butter (COMING SOON!). 


Step 1: Remove makeup and products with CBD ROSE micellar water (COMING SOON!). Soak cotton rounds and wipe over face and neck, repeat until clean.


Step 2: Intensely hydrate with GATEWAY Serum Hydrating Elixir for face apply 4-5 drops to clean skin.


Step 3: Hydrate and relax – massage in CANNABLISS Body Oil (COMING SOON!) before bed.